Biopic Memories of Cadence Past: Great Balls of Fire

And The Things I see

Kari Me Out

Tonight is a review of today. Right now I just scarfed down some Chinese soba noodles after a night of well above par conversation with my dear friend Thomas Doane.

Thomas wrote the article, The Convergence of the Progressive Telos (linked for your reading pleasure). He is a genius, a real one. This man knows linguistics, apologetics, physics, philosophy, history… our conversations go on for hours wrapping my mind around concepts that I have no place to be because clearly I'm too stupid to begin to understand. Well we're starting to meet regularly for coffee at our new favorite coffee place. Special shout out to Black Rifle Coffee Company!

With a couple of Americanos our conversations began to swirl through the fabric of time discussing most recently the issues and concerns of postmodernism, Critical Race Theory, and the whole leftist shebang. We concluded that at some point they will eat themselves alive. Other than that there's no real way out of this mess. Maybe that was the excellent coffee talking but it made the night go by great, of course that is what real friendships do. You can never tell the hour because who cares? Time becomes a vortex of meaninglessness.

Sitting outside makes for a perfect view into the inside of our soul. That is to say sometimes we need to step away to really see the full picture. Like the see-through glass above. Life is complex. However it requires us to have symbols and logic and devices to create meaning and purpose and interpretation to help us quantify a person, place, or thing. Without history or respect for truth or an understanding that life does have meaning and purpose the whole becomes fragmented. That is what our current postmodernity / late modernity/liquid modernity world is living in. Presently without a true global consciousness the world is witnessing a paradigm shift of power and structure that will inevitably destroy itself but time will have to tell when that occurs, nevertheless, history is being made as governments and institutions around the world have and continue to be remade. Let me cite something from Thomas's article:

The world was forever changed in the intervening years of the great calamities of the twentieth century that bookended the hope of modernism and the scrutiny of postmodernism into the era of late modernity. The forensic approach towards the failings of last modernity fractured the direction of progress into the factions that sought to restore the grand vision of modernity and those who, due to its failings, looked to overhaul, if not start anew progress towards a hopeful future. Does that mean that each proceeding worldview builds upon the rubble of those which it seeks to replace or are they a mere repackaging of an older concept to market something grander in vision?

A great unveiling has been rapidly coalescing from widely disparate parts, each overly concerning to the survival of the liberal values long held as sacrosanct. These disparate parts, once visible only through fleeting glimpses through the veil, have rapidly come into focus, first as the turbulence of the rise of nationalism blew at the thin veneer that had long been the marketed version of what was to come. Either as a manifestation of the adage of never letting a crisis go to waste, or part of a labyrinthine enterprise to move forward a globalist agenda, The Great Reset.

Such a reset, that even Time Magazine has presently put on their front cover, does not simply arise but it is a process that has been going on for a good time. I say a good time because it's never quite clear exactly, yet we can surmise that there are points in history that demonstrate a shift. Unless of course you are too much stuck in your deconstructive ways to acknowledge history though indeed even the most post-structuralist / postmodernist acknowledges some form of History they just don't like to be that direct.

Our own government, the United States government, is one good example of this great reset or what I will term it as a fragmentation. For any of you who are familiar with DOS computers we could add that, at some point, as things fragmentate there is a point at which there will be a defragmentation. Defragging your computer was supposed to help with memory, to reduce fragmentation. Look it up on Wikipedia for any youngsters unfamiliar with the concept. Well what I'm arguing and what I discussed with Thomas amongst all the other things was that our US government has long been fragmenting but on paper it looked as though we had the same structure that we've had for all 200 plus years. Yet if you've looked at a newspaper, sorry, website concerning politics you can quickly identify changes within its structure. Today corporations have more power than any point of history outside of the State. There are more government agencies, an apparatus of administrative and national security and intelligence networks than originally implemented at the forming of the Constitution. Truly this is another topic for another day but that was one great conversation we had.

Things I See

There's a thing I've been doing for years. It has been reserved for friends and family but today has revealed a necessity in which the world must see the THINGS I SEE!


Okay. Presently I'm working on several articles very long ones that are taking up a lot more time than I'd hoped but they will be well worth it as I prefer to provide well researched and argued essays on Truth In Focus. November has been slow at TIF. Partly because we are just pushing the November Issue and because it's still mostly me. I am only on my fourth month. Blogging, vlogging, podcasting… is busy work! Lot's of learning curves. Politics has been the focus more in the last month but that is hardly all we/I offer but that has been a central theme with the election season. Now I am moving and asking writers to focus on Theology, Art, Poetry, Philosophy, and more. Yet today my work was diverted by bum bum bum… THE CHILDREN.


The Things I See! Our kids are drama. I will get back to this in a moment but we were visiting Target.

Working at home with a two and four-year-old is a bit of a balance but today that balance just got toppled one-sided. Perfectly fine there's flexibility in that for my life at the moment. Long-term I hope it will be flexible still while I gather Conservative and Christian writers for a new kind of media, for a new kind of world. Oh and the wife had off today.

After some lunch we decided it was time to go get some clothes as I was in need and by need we mean preferably thrift store shopping. Spending money has never been our thing. Well didn't find too many clothes at the first thrift store and the kids were still bit of a mess so it was running us a bit dry, yet I did see this gem:

Whoever was the previous owner of this fine Santa Claus being rubbed down by his elves dressed as Santa… eww, I am sure it will have a happy owner after being dumpster dived once Goodwill can no longer goodwill it away.

Back to Target. That was our second stop. Granted I object cancel culture and should there be a store that I refuse to shop at then I won't. Target is beginning to convince me that it's not worth my time. Here is why:

For context, this was an actual conversation I overheard today. Target employee asks another employee, “Are we separating these boys and girls clothes? Other Target employee responds, “No, we are grouping them all. Just put them wherever. They all go together now."

Boy’s clothes, girl's clothes there is no difference in the eyes of the radical left who embraces a genderless universe. Why shouldn't men wear dresses right Harry?

No Harry. Our son is a boy. And our daughter a girl. Biologically true. Physiologically fact. Theologically absolute. Life itself is up for grabs and I sure will go to the grave fighting for truth. Society is growing increasingly delusional.

Normally Things I See are not so serious. Take these examples:

Sorry Ed, our horse ride ends here.

Does this really need commentary? Dennis rodman down under!

Worth every penny. Perhaps one of the finest book covers ever.

Yeah, Things I See is a bit silly, however, that is the point. After I started it I began to wonder if there was a philosophy of humor. Turns out humor is a bit of a drab in the philosophical world:

Although most people value humor, philosophers have said little about it, and what they have said is largely critical.

Read here if interested: Philosophy of Humor.

Perhaps I missed the memo but I actually see immense value in humor. Perhaps that should be a philosophical quest of mine to confer? Eh.

Great Balls Of Fire

Like every good story there needs to be a good ending. Or a bad ending. Depending on one's interpretation I suppose? Doubtful. I tend to believe that there is one grand interpretation but we are limited in that interpretation however that's not to say that there are no streams of narrative within a grander narrative. But perhaps that's the whole metanarrative of this post. A loop set on structuring a grand story within the story of a set of stories. So why should I end with a song by Jerry Lee Lewis?

I will leave that to your interpretation. Night.