Black-roof country, No Gold Pavements, Tired Starlings: Political Indignation & the Collapse of Trust In A World Lost

Where art thou oh Knight in Shining Armor?

The Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton

Art beckons an expression of our inner most hopes and desires; fear and languish; it speaks inwardly while portraying outwardly the soul of a person if only for a moment. Although a timeless piece like the Accolade has the ability to speak to all ages, in all times of history.

Today I reinstated Truth In Focus. Humanity is living in worrying times as totalitarianism reaches across the earth. Watch out for the Woke Elite and the radical fascist far-right; each are broken to the soul. We must rebuild as I state in TIF today:

Presently the United States of America no longer represents that land of hope. It is therefore paramount to process present discourses in order to learn from failures and successes. This is not a call to rebellion. Rather the opposite. It is a call to dream again a better homeland for our children and grandchildren. Rarely in human history are the opportunity to recreate such a situation. A paradigm such as we have been witnessing, however, allows us to move beyond circumstances as a necessity to preserving sacred liberties and divine freedoms. 

Sorry not sorry for the needed time away. I have been watching though. Reading and preparing even as we moved into our first home. It is good to finally have a place of our own, but it also made me realize how controlled we are in late modern society. Freedom is an illusion under the iron first of the l'état! “Put our damn mailbox where we tell you... You cannot grow a tree past this point… How dare you raise an American flag, it may offend your neighbors.” SHIT.

Phew. So I have been watching Cobra Kai as my wife suggested I would love it and she was absolutely positively so bodaciously right. Forget all of this political correctness crap. We need to relearn what it means to be real men and women. To grow up. Put on our adult panties already and get to working toward a better tomorrow for our families and community.

Society has grown weak. Late modernity produced Nietzsches’ prophesied “last man” and C.S. Lewis “abolition of man” (I really should do an article on their correlation). Few including myself can truly take care of themselves without some technocratic “puke breath,” nothing more 90s than that terminology, telling them how to live. No I am not making the case for radical individualism; we are where we are in part because of hyper-individuality. I am calling for the return to the ancient ways of responsibility.

God make a way.

So how about those ass-hats at the Capital? Jeez they ruined everything for us. Way to go QAnon far-right radicals, you ruined conservatism, though you are not real conservatives but fascist myth-makers upholding your prodigal Trump as God-Man-Maker.

All things above there is great reason to be concerned.

So returning to The Accolade. I tend to wonder who or what will be the knight in shining armor in these times of distress? Perhaps our heroes are dead as Richard M. Weaver warned in Ideas Have Consequences. Recent events, the last hundred years, have revolutionized the way we interact and see the world. Life is a bloody blur marred by translucence, hyperreality, hyper-individualism, and secularism. No saviors; no skyhooks; no goodmen—that is the gray secularity of our late decaying modern age talking. A bunch of lies and broken glass swirling the drain as Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, and company sip their martinis. Granted, there may be no hero to save the day this time. Our American Experiment has died as our statesmen join the orgy porgies bathing in cash and sex trafficking. Wickedness.

If we have learned anything from Cobra Kai our training of the last five-thousands years has demonstrated that humanity is responsible for their actions.

Christian, hold tight, Christ will indeed return to fix this mess, but God has always been with you. Regardless, we hopeless brainless sinners are guilty for their reciprocity of ill deeds—Gazebos, Gulags, and Gondolas—the whole shebang, yet Christ came as flesh to save the whole world forever believes in Him shall never perish but have everlasting life.

Hero or not we cannot take for granted the world we have inherited for it has long been broken, at least, since we broke it. Each generation is responsible for the last and the future. Ordained as caretakers of a decaying planet until our final day of days.

Speaking of home (our planet) I have been enjoying cooking and setting up the place to make it our own.

It is good to cook again as when we were at the condo the stove was just old and not holding up the standard. So my cooking was greatly limited.

The new house is coming together. I have an office that will also be our homeschool room. Just need a lot of bookshelves. We have so many books these days.

Honestly it is so good to be back and I'm hoping to make these posts much more often. Please sign up for Truth In Focus. Be on the lookout for more podcasts and videos.

As for the E.K.R. Report I will continue to keep it light but I will also be continuing The Wealth of Nations along with future studies. This substack is meant to be a lot more fun while at the same time an ability for me to just play around with different thoughts in my head for you to enjoy, hopefully.

See you tomorrow.