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A Simple, Completely non-political rant except for the introduction cause life is hilarious

We are two weeks into this new homeowner life while during C19 and Biden and Corporatism and all the other madness including BLM hilariously receiving a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. Moving on… I promise.

I have been thinking of ways of making EKR lighter on the politics while continuing to learn. Yes, I am absolutely behind on Wealth of Nation's for one. And it is important that I continue to use this page on a much more personal level. Why? Because life needs a touch of personal without all of the Facebook and Instagram fake snapshot lifestyles. We can far more without all the rants, rage, and distrust. Who are we anymore? What does it mean to be human? Is there a way to remain humane at this point of Modernity? As I write tonights piece I am preparing TIF continuing series on Virtue, listening to Chill Synthwave Mix Chill Wave 2021 Study Relax Retrowave Mix #88

My go-to music normally are retro beats with some cyberpunk flare to carry me through the night into morning. Bizzare, slightly nerdy, absolutely but the music brings a certain mosaic to my mind.

I read once that Sir Roger Scruton would wake and immediately begin writing. He did this every single day, not always with a direction, but ideas would flow out of him as the daily practice continually improved his writing style. He knew that those writings would turn to articles, books, essays, articles, and the like at some point. Goodness knows that is a trait we could all consider following after. Now where was I going with that, ah yes, while we can all be certain Sir Roger was not listening to Synthwave chill music (even the thought leaves me laughing on the floor), the man was likely caught in a euphoria of classical music. Something that I most definitely appreciate.

Life this week was supposed to be just like that for me in fact. A steady stream of articles for my fellow readers. However, events as I will take some blame here, took over. For one, our washer had a leak that went through our drywall into our garage. You can imagine the horror as I was rummaging through boxes full of books only to find water below. Thankfully the cardboard held their weight against the tides as you can see below after I moved several of the boxes from the steady stream.

That happened Wednesday morning. Plumbers arrived that evening. Thursday new internet providers arrived, AT&T if you would like to know, because the nincompoops we previously had continue to raise their prices at an exorbitant rate. More work needed to be done on the plumbing and prior to hiring the team that came Wednesday I remembered a friend of ours. He is great and will be coming Monday to complete additional work along with water restoration team to assess water damage in case of mold behind the wall.

Imagine my astonishment that I was going to publish four articles one day on Wednesday only to be met by this rubbish. By Friday there was still much work to be done, rolling into today—Saturday, January 30, 2021.

A day prior to, THE FLOOD, as we shall forever call it, I decided to to cook a frozen deep dish pizza for lunch.

Not bad! It was Gino's East deep dish. Decided to cook it in an iron skillet for fun. Our son loved it. He is a pizza eating machine, my kind of guy.

Dinner though that was a shining moment. A Glazed Thai chicken roasted in the oven. Yes, it was worth of kings and queens.

I keep saying it but EKR might also become a place to share my own recipes, cooking successes, and failures. Here are some more pictures from this week and last:

Cooking helps with stress sure but the thrill of cooking is the enjoyment. There is a special kind of focus I gain when I cook, similar to my writing, almost disappearing from present reality into a singular moment of pure purpose and meaning. Even writing about it, the words escape the feeling.

Today I received my “News from Scrutopia” for those who do not know what that is, it pertains to the late Roger Scruton’s home/farm/school. For your reading pleasure, here is the first three paragraphs from the letter:

A message from Scrutopia

Roger loved the word ‘irenic’ – a reach for the dictionary moment for most of us – anyway, he would be very pleased that one of his Scrutopia students uses it about his manner, in a recent e-mail entitled: Long-live Scrutopia. "Most memorable of Scruton’s lectures at Mullingar (home of Mark Dooley who hosted the first summer school) was on “The Question of Islam.” No one could present a more irenic case on such an explosive topic than Sir Roger." Irenic will be the theme of this newsletter as we mention all the wonderful events that have taken place in January.

The Scrutopia Summer Schools are definitely going ahead. The Scrutopia Alumni Meeting open to all who have studied with us or Roger in the past takes place from Friday, 4 June to Wednesday 9 June. Full details here.  Our teaching faculty to cover the full spectrum, of philosophy, aesthetics and conservatism are Samuel Hughes and Nicholas Boys-Smith, Alicja Gescinska, Mark Almond and Mikolaj Slawkowski-Rode. If travel rules require a period of isolation, do not fear, Scrutopia will be sending you some books and wine to your hotel and we will run a book club prior to the event that we can all take part in before meeting in person. The Scrutopia Summer School takes place from Wednesday 28 July – Friday 6 August. Something to look forward to! Full details here.

Irenic is perhaps the way to describe one of the finest obituaries to have been written which has appeared in the Jesus College Cambridge Annual Review, 2020 by Stephen Heath, who we didn’t know, but who clearly followed Roger’s work closely. Thanks to Professor Heath’s article, Roger has been made to feel at home in Cambridge. You can read the obituary in the online version of the Annual Review pp. 144-147 here

In effect, Sir Roger was a saint who saved me from the fallacy of Liberalism and brought me closer to God. Indeed, Scruton was no atheist. There will be only good word from me concerning the Great Modern English Knight.

Plenty more to come but I am trying to wrap up things for Philosophsarus Rex and Truth In Focus. Fingers crossed, next week our regular schedule shall return. Oh, before I forget, be on the look out for new All Things Veritas series. I am unsure if I will use TIF or another “channel” as I call them on ATV. Christ the Coffee needs get back into gear as well. Please give me time.



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