Inauguration D-Day: The New Kids On The Block Of Destruction, Power, and Romance

Alt-Right Trumpism, Woke Leftism, Corporatism, and China in the Globalist Age of Postmodern Collectivism

"The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.” William Gibson, Neuromancer

The dDonald

President Donald Trump in far too many circumstances had this coming to him. Our truly first Postmodern President (a subject I will be addressing on Truth In Focus next week) is facing his second impeachment trial which holds a greater possibility than the first of an actual conviction, for the winds blow against the populist corporate President of the United States. Billionaire or not, the man now represents either the savior or the antichrist depending on whose political recollections abound.

The Far Riegcht

Blurred in the haze of myth and legend is a man whom the Alt-right and Forever Trumper’s hold as their Alpha in protecting them from an election they deem as stolen. There is no going back from that corrosive radical mindset. The latest in the rounds? An Italian satellite that General Claudio Graziano with the help of Barack Obama schemed a masterful plan to steal the votes by satellite and put them directly under Biden. You can’t make this propaganda up.

Everything is dangerously turning toward a totalitarian bent as the far-right march in the streets, QAnon conspirators and radical Trump supporters storm the capital (no, it was not an insurrection), and legitimate folks fear what a Biden Administration brings in a post-American, C-19 saturated world of uncertainty.

Fascist tendencies were demonstrated at wide array during Decembers “Jericho March” as Alex Jones, Eric Metaxas, Mike Lindell, Michael Flynn, and dozens more professed their allegiance to Trump and to “Making America Great Again” oh and to God, since the event was mimicking the jewish march around the epic Walls of Jericho described in the Bible. From the looks of it the event was more toward the mythical fascism one found in Nazi Germany. And as for God, it was more of the “American god” the false god of the U.S.A than the one I worship and associate with in the sacred scriptures. Rod Dreher highlighted the Fascist nature of the event as well:

Get this: at the height of Flynn speech, Trump appeared overhead in Marine One. Like an apparition! After Trump choppered off to the Army-Navy game, Flynn resumed his address. Every time they attack Trump, he said, they’re attacking you! Total identification of the collective with the individual man, Trump. I despise facile comparisons, but this is a core fascist trope. At the 1934 Nuremberg Party rally, Nazi functionary Rudolf Hess told the faithful, “The Party is Hitler! But Hitler is Germany, as Germany is Hitler!”

Read entire article here: What I Saw At The Jericho March

Whether Trump intended to or not (I surmise he sought to brand himself into time memorial) he created for the Alt-right an air of legitimacy for those lost souls raging against the immense social, political, and economic losses that have been taking place since the 90s in America. Free Trade under Clinton marked the one of many steps away from a national pride towards a land for sale that can never recover its losses in manufacturing and jobs. Under both President Bush jr. and Obama, demographics quickly shifted further from “white males” toward minorities of every different ethnicity and creed. I only quote white male because I hate the term as it denotes an unnecessary negative tone that barely describes the plethora of cultures now shoveled as “white” and “dangerous” and “privileged”. Leftist tripe. While there are reasons to be concerned, there is no reason for the vitriol we have witnessed from Trump and his Alt-right conspirators. What they seek, the Alt-right and QAnon, are destruction at the cost of irreversible harm. Yet, the far-left, have already accomplished their own demolition to the once sacred and true.

Критический левый социализм

Last year (2020) Black Lives Matters protests including ANTIFA and other far-left movements, groups, organizations, and cells resulted in a reported damaging of seven federal buildings including in Portland, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas; additionally the real insurrection resulted in the removal or destruction of over 84 monuments, Merriam-Webster changes definitions to terms including sexual preference, critical race theory and cultural marxism takes center stage, and all things human are changed to placate the LGBTQ and radical leftist communities. All under President Trump.

Does that make radical right hero’s? Hardly. They only add to the troubles, but it is important to distinguish that each side are reacting, not actually reasoning through matters for any greater good except their own. Each “side” has taken the nation by storm for their “cause” in the name of their “justice” as they seek to scapegoat one another rather than reflect on their predicaments.

Unsurprisingly, big government and multinational corporations share in the leftist spread as they see the writing on the wall—partly because they helped write it! But more-so it fits their interests as the globe moved away from free market capitalism to crony capitalism (neoliberalism) and now a quasi-socialism. Quasi in that the global economy cannot survive without hints of neoliberalism. Therefore, statism creeps slowly as it competes with big tech and big business to maintain the vast wealth creation humanity has witnessed in the past fifty years. Money in fact does not grow on trees, the quasi-socialist realizes this fact. Utopian minded as the radical elements of the left may be, they will do everything they can to maintain growth or the illusion of growth. Biden & Company intend to spend trillions more to fight off C19’s embarrassing lockdowns and restrictions that only bolsters China's rise sooner rather than later.

Now as Inauguration Day approaches, to make the leftist narrative of a coup appear accurate and menacing, our once honorable Capital may have 20,000 troops around on the day of Biden’s swearing into Office. Nothing spells freedom and liberty than an entire army standing guard around the national representative of our so-called freedom.

Biden and Harris scare me and they should scare you. These radicals believe they are saving the world by dividing the nation through identity politics. Minority groups and guilty whites will see them equally as saviors in a time of national and international challenges. Trump set the stage for revenge whether he left office in four or eight years. Biden is hardly a traditional president, although he comes from the establishment, his words and actions already show a radical streak likely in response to the last four years. Should Biden make it through the first four years of his Presidency, presently 78 years of age surpassing Donald Trump making Biden the oldest President in office, Biden will be 82 for his second term. Mister, there are at least three genders Joe. No Joe, there are only two—male and female. Harris boldly declared that America has chosen “science and truth” that Biden was “a healer” yet he is nothing of the sort.

When one chooses only to see a world from the lens of oppression as the radical left have chosen to do there is no longer a place for opportunity or discussion for those who are their opposition. Only criticism, protesting, and lastly usurpation of the supposed tyrants or the oppressors. This is the mindset of the left who have willfully chosen to ignore the rights and well-being of individuals and families for a collective arrangement by force. A collective set on destroying all things Westernized, White, and Christian. Make no mistake, we are all terrorists now in the eyes of the judges.

Planet Of The MegaCorps

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon, and Apple are easy targets these days as they shutdown the President, Parlor, and anyone they consider radical. This week Facebook Ugandan pro-Museveni accounts ahead of election and in response Uganda blocked Facebook. Tensions such as these will continue for the foreseen future as the global elite solidify their great reset. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was recorded saying as much. Big Tech is an oversimplification however as multinational corporations connected to environment, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) have their hands and funds in superpowers around the world in nearly every field. However, Big Tech does describe their endless scope which has obliterated privacy. Data is no longer simply a commodity, but a source of knowledge that filters through the veins of corporate and state; an intoxicating line of tubes, lines, ports, and catheters the system of our world is too interconnected to breakaway without a system malfunction or worse, a breakdown. Whatever the United States once was—a republic or a democracy —is now an administrative state of technocrats who know no boundaries between private or public lines in either the corporate and state or the freedom of speech and the rights of parents. Those days are now over, yet few realize it.

Corporatism was once a dirty word amongst progressives who now sit on the boards of Fortunes 500 companies. We are beyond the Industrial-Military complex, this is the beast of an entirely different nature. Our political ecology has evolved before our eyes with the belief that a three branch government and a few old documents could hold the tides of tyranny and change. That myth too is over. A national security state or the surveillance state is the new normal—totalitarianism is here to stay. To be fair this is the result of success and failures of modernity as humanity enters uncharted territory of climate change, limited resources, animal and planet extinction, higher exposure to viruses and sickness, and environmental elements that knocked man back to reality.

Painting, Sculpture & Design – Kurt Wenner, Master Artist

Our world is always passing away. Decay is the natural state and to that natural state we have returned. Elites are concerned about the future no matter their political persuasion. Take Elon Musk as an example of a man who like Stephen Hawking believes our only true hope is to find a new planet.

Corporate billionaires run our planet and our universe or so they think. Secular at heart these men look to the stars as means to be conquered. But fair warning, space travel is a humanist pipe dream; an illusion that will end in disaster. There are no planets in our galaxy nor near our galaxy that will house the next earthlings. Earth—Eden—is our birthplace and our tomb. Our only hope is to save the planet or risk losing it all. And perhaps that is and always has been part of God’s final plan. Ironic that humanity will be the sealers of their fate.

I only bring these figures up because of their central role for the coming century. Corporations are not going away. Their power is solidified as governments need them as much as they need the government. It is a symbiotic relationship which just so happens to be of leftist nature.

Does that mean the radical right have lost? Hardly. Fascism and authoritarianism are on the rise. Russia seeks to take hold of its own riches and power whether Putin remains in power for much longer or not. There are hardliners who care less about the leftist order of things and more set on gaining hardline power. Conflict will be the definer of the early 21st century—man vs man; man vs nature; man vs God.

Who will reign supreme? China, for now.

The Big Bad Red Dragon

China continues to purchase American farmlands, reported as early as 2013. Although foreign nations from all over the world are quickly buying land and more. A nation in as much debt as ours is up for wholesale. Remember when Chicago sold their 36,000 parking meters to a corporation? Well its largest shares are owned by the state of Abu Dhabi. Again a synergy between corporate and state. The company was Morgan Stanley. China is no different as takes control of mining, manufacturing, and debts in Africa, South America, the United States, and on every other continent. China is here to stay.

In fairness to Donald Trump, he had the gaul to stand up to the tyrannical country. China is no ally; no bastion of freedom. Its “state-capitalism” is another bogus term disguising the true totalitarian nature the people of the Chinese Republic and increasingly the world are facing.

Few speak of it but Singapore was ahead of China in their social credit system. But China is now spreading it across the world as corporations use similar methods to gain additional profits and future investments—investments that will eventually make flesh and bone obsolete should we not be careful. Here is only a small taste of the China Credit System:

Here are some of the actions the Chinese government deems "bad behaviors" that warrant punishment:

  • Bad driving or traffic offenses

  • Jaywalking

  • Smoking on trains

  • Not cleaning up after your dog

  • Not having your dog on a leash

  • Not paying debts

  • Not paying taxes

  • Playing too many video games

  • Watching pornography

  • Making frivolous purchases

  • Consuming too much alcohol or junk food

  • Criticizing the government

  • Criticizing the social credit system

  • Visiting unauthorized websites

  • Being friends with or messaging others with low scores or those who commit the above offenses

Source: Foundation for Economic Education

From the Wire:

China's social credit system expands that idea to all aspects of life, judging citizens' behaviour and trustworthiness. Caught jaywalking, don't pay a court bill, play your music too loud on the train — you could lose certain rights, such as booking a flight or train ticket. "The idea itself is not a Chinese phenomenon," says Mareike Ohlberg, research associate at the Mercator Institute for China Studies. Nor is the use, and abuse, of aggregated data for analysis of behaviour. "But if [the Chinese system] does come together as envisioned, it would still be something very unique," she says. "It's both unique and part of a global trend."

Unveiled in a 2014 plan, pieces of the system are already in place, and the Chinese government appears to be targeting a 2020 goal to get the rest in place, though that's less a deadline and instead marks the end of a planning period, says Samantha Hoffman, non-resident fellow at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

As yet, there's no one social credit system. Instead, local governments have their own social record systems that work differently, while unofficial private versions are operated at companies such Ant Financial's Zhima Credit, better known as Sesame Credit. Ant Financial is the payment firm spun out of Alibaba. The systems use shopping habits among other data to inform credit-style scores, on an opt-in basis. "There is no single, nationally coordinated system," Ohlberg says. And the pilots that do exist don't all work in the same way.

The private systems, including Ant Financial's Sesame Credit, often get conflated with the government plans, though they aren't part of the official system. To be a bit more confusing, the data collected by private companies is expected to be hoovered up by the government in the future, and some of the data is already used in government trials. Sesame Credit says this is only with user consent.

That leads to misunderstanding of what the social credit system actually is, notes Ohlberg. "What happened is some of the media took the private pilots, like Sesame Credit… and presented it as the social credit system," she says. It's not officially part of the system, and doesn't have a license; though the pilot is approved, and indeed encouraged, it could one day be shut down by the government. "It kind of rides on the fashion for social credit."

What's troubling is when those private systems link up to the government rankings — which is already happening with some pilots, she says. "You'll have sort of memorandum of understanding like arrangements between the city and, say, Alibaba and Tencent about data exchanges and including that in assessments of citizens," Ohlberg adds. That's a lot of data being collected with little protection, and no algorithmic transparency about how it's analysed to spit out a score or ranking, though Sesame does share some details about what types of data is used.

If everything is beginning to look like a loop; a perpetual state perhaps as I have described it on Truth In Focus? You would be correct. From my article:

Anti-liberty entities whether under the names of Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Maoism, or Totalitarianism; it changes nothing in that the present reality stands between two polars, a state of liberty or tyranny, liberalism or illiberalism. Social attitudes are now forced to conform under a perpetual state of flux. Late modernity has birthed neoliberalism, a merger between capitalism and liberalism, that can also include another ism—Corporatism.

Corporations are the High Churches of Modernity; the Cathedrals of yea or nay. Under a neoliberal market state the general public has great difficulty in explaining differences between private or public, real or fake, good or evil. Everything runs together into a stream of confusion at a speed that no single person can maintain without a collision, a collision of ideas and values and beliefs. This is now constantly happening as society is confronted with insurmountable conflicting differences; a wrecking of contradictions.

In a Secular Hyper-state, the only apparent resolution is a totalitarian reaction. Modernity cannot principally escape itself. There is nothing beyond Modernity except Pre-modernity. If liberalism and capitalism represent freedom then all other opposition is bound to represent oppression. Now that is not an absolute statement. There are “third-way” examples of communitarianism or another alternative of Theonomy that argue a way out of the cycle but truthfully they all fall prey to the dilemma of rights of the individual, liberty for all, and freedom without restraints (again not an absolute statement).

So what we are left with, I am arguing, is a discourse of conflicts: nature versus mankind; eat vegan or you are a horrible person; give up your religion; don’t tell me what to do; join the movement; hate speech… it all blends into an in-cohesive state, the perpetual state.

Whether it is China, Walmart, Exxon-Mobil, or the United States the results will be the same. Tyrannical. John Adams would remind us all that “Power follows property.” Guess who owns you both digitally and physically? It is not yourself anymore.

Dark Clouds Ahead

In closing, as events unfold, people who desire true freedom and who are lovers of truth and share faith in God must band together. We must share our homes and our lives in these difficult times ahead. Hope is coming. Christ shall return. Until then we must dig deep and hold strong. Be brave young and old, do not fear what is coming, just be prepared. Gain the resources to not merely survive but thrive. Hold tight to Christ; to Virtue; to Truth; and to Sacred Freedom.