New Directions: Moving Beyond the Political

Responding to the Wary Hearted and All Looking For More

You have become too political Kyle. And I hate it. Move away from these matters and regain focus.

Those are the words of my wife. Although neither of us believe I have chosen to go down the drain of endless political spin, it has been difficult to not breakaway from politics at present. Events have been rising at such a level that I thought it necessary to bring attention to them, even making them personal so that others may relate. I do not regret my decisions to do so but I also heed wisdom and my wife is wise. Hopefully she will not take it personal that I made this public, but I want to be public for the sake of transparency; for the hope that reality can be captured once again. What do I mean by reality? Well I have a family, friend, and a church many of whom read these works. And I can only imagine that so do millions of others who discuss political events. Albeit some of my own family and friends grew concern for my own wellbeing as I wrote last year on issues of depression and longing, yet I would request all who read these words to take a second and possibly a third re-read of my works and thoughts here on Substack and Truth In Focus.

Here at Substack the purpose is to be more personal and maybe even a slight bit more careless, not in reason or emotion, but taking risks in discussing issues that are raw. Yes, a few articles even used language. I used those for merely aesthetic reasons, lessons learned from some of my favorite writers including Christians. And I was being apropos to both Rod Dreher and another time directly referencing the actual words of the Apostle Paul. Nevertheless, being careful with my words in times such as these are important.

I can only hope that my readers can take to heart that these ideas of mine are always open to discussion and critique. And I am very well. Just choosing to go through life publicly at a time when more and more choose to be quiet or private. But in fairness, the political discussions are ending today. No more for a time being anyways.

What does that mean for the various writings? For one, Truth In Focus will continue to be a philosophical and theological grounding point of thought and analysis. Granted, the topics at hand need to remain practical i.e. about present events, therefore I will be working on to improve the practical side of it, while also making it simple. Simple is not a bad word, in fact, it is being used here to mean in the utmost positive. In our age, many issues are complex. Issues such as living wages, abortion, C19, gun rights, corruption, etc. Matters, if ones that I believe only have one answer, are still complex in their planning and application. They require a greater simplicity, not sophistry and unhelpful rhetoric. At TIF I want to provide a much more thoughtful application events and issues. And to study ideas and their consequences. To make principles, not politics.

As for EKR Report, this will become much more lighthearted and uplifting. Yes, some raw elements will remain, I do not want to ignore depression or loneliness or hurt. These are real emotions with lifelong effects on people. People need to know they can speak about them without judgement. Humanity needs a lifting of the soul. Ultimately, however, the world needs Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. So I am going to end with a open letter from my friend and mentor from a Church up north, Pastor Josh Fryman:

Dear Christian in America,

You have more reason to speak well of Jesus Christ than to speak negatively about politicians.

Call sin out, sure. But don't forget sin is not simply what other people do that you don't agree with--sin is the transgression of God’s law. Point to that, point to the Scriptures. And then show people you have more than just an opinion, show them you have the solution. Tell them about Jesus, that he's real, that he really does give peace in hearts, that he really does change lives, that a relationship with God through Jesus is more valuable than anything in this life. Tell them that being a Christian means not having to be labeled as simply republican or democrat, black or white, rich or poor, or anything else people try to label others as. Tell them about church and how it is a place where everyone gets along and loves each other because we share a common union--Jesus Christ. Tell them how miserable life would be without him, without the life he gives through the power of his literal resurrection. Tell them about Jesus!

Stop filling up your social media pages up with sarcasm, mocking, condescension, bitterness, anger, and vain arguments. For Christ's sake, be salt and light. Be a minister of reconciliation. Be an ambassador for Christ and his kingdom. Be good. Be faithful. Be a servant. Live, act, behave, type, post, share, tweet, IG, blog, stream, video, and talk to hear "well done, good and faithful servant" from Jesus.

He is worthy!

Josh, thank you for convicting my heart. And to Vanessa, thank you for convicting my mind.

In Peace, Love, and Truth.


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